Concept Board

May 31, 2023 | Restaurant Branding, Restaurant Trends


Concept Board Examples

After our initial kick off meeting with a new restaurant branding client and a thorough analysis of the new concept questionnaires, our design team start the creative process by putting together concept boards. Initially we’ll created 2 or 3 distinctive boards which fulfil the brief but each with a different artist direction. They give examples of logos, colour palates, fonts and graphical elements. We’ve created hundreds over the years, but these are some of our favourite recent ones.

  • Ferma

Opening in Autumn 2023, Ferma will be a bistro as well as a farm shop where people can buy a wide variety of quality produce including fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and condiments.

Concept 1 – is more refined, and detailed and uses more pastel and dusky colours paired with scripted and serif fonts to give it an overall more refined look.

Concept 2 – is more rustic and makes use of 2/3 colours for the design with a theme colour as a base, the fonts are more stamp-like but the font used elevates it to a more high end feel without making it too posh.

  • Mama Jacq’s

Based in Boxpark Wembley, Mama Jaqs serves authentic Caribbean street food.

Concept 1 – This branding concept for Mama Jacq’s embodies the essence of the Caribbean old and new, through its use of vibrant, bold, colourful, and fun elements. The design is attention-grabbing and energetic, with a focus on movement inspired by the famous Caribbean dancing energy. Using aged Caribbean images (such as the woman sitting with her bowl of fruit) coupled with a dynamic pattern balance the old and the new.

Concept 2 – The aim of concept 2 is to evoke a nostalgic vibe that’s relatable to the here and now. The designs will feature a mix of vintage and hipster elements such as the vintage images of Mama Jacq with modern hipster elements such as fun stickers, street style fonts and bold colours/patterns, coupled with a touch of grunge to give it an edgy and authentic feel.

  • Caviar Bar

Opening in Mayfair in Autumn 2023 The Caviar Bar will, as the name suggests, be focusing on serving caviar, seafood and fine wines.

Concept 1 – Option 1 is a luxury black, gold and leather colour palette/textures to complement the lighter interior design.

Concept 2 – Option 2 is a less typical colour palette of blue, gold and yellow to add a level of exclusivity to the brand.