Compelling, persuasive communication attracts people emotionally and rationally.

Our restaurant branding agency provides that special element which will inspire people’s behaviour. As stand-alone projects, or integrated into our restaurant marketing programmes, we create and evolve brands which connect people to your hospitality business. That process includes a number of key components.

How we work

Concept Development

Working with over 200 brands over 12 years not to mention the fact our MD owned restaurants means we are ideally placed to guide and evolve concepts to give them the greatest chance of success. In some cases, we recommend chef consultants who’ll help develop the dishes as well as simplify them as recruiting a skilled kitchen team is very difficult at present.

Story Telling

We’ll develop your brand story, interweaving different layers, creating a unique, interesting and distinctive narrative. Communicated through text, slogans, colours, graphics and photography your story will grab attention and drive bookings.

Logo Design

A key component of your brand is your logo. Our design team are experts in creating distinct and enticing logos which are the perfect visual representation of a brand for each and every client.

Menu Design

There’s more to menus than simply a list of dishes you serve. It’s the most important of all brand touchpoints. As restaurant branding experts we know all the strategies of placement, copyrighting and design to increase spending per head.

We create distinct menus, which help build brand loyalty and are a real asset to the business.

Brand Touchpoints

As well as the menu we’ll also create the full suite of brand touchpoints. These can include drinks list, packaging, posters, flyers, signage, uniforms, stationary, vouchers and street adverts.

Branding guide

At the end of the brand creation process, we’ll create a branding guide which contains your story and visual elements. These include logo guidelines, ethos, philosophy, brand

Landlord Pack

Getting the best site for your restaurant can be essential to the success of your business. Landlords have multiple operators competing for the best sites and a big part of their decision will be based on the packs they get sent.

These packs not only tell the brand story but give reassurance to landlords that your business has the financial backing, management team and operational ability to ensure a successful restaurant.

These packs can also be evolved to target investors and franchisees.


The final stage of the branding process is to create a website which beautifully represents your brand. All our sites are built to the latest Google guidelines in WordPress, with strong calls to action and initiative navigation.

For more details please visit our case study page.

By combining a thorough understanding of technology and digital marketing platforms with a real passion for creativity means each and every client gets what they need to succeed.