Restaurant Logo Examples

Jun 9, 2023 | Restaurant Branding, Restaurant Graphic Design, Restaurant Trends


We’ve created dozens of logos over the years for a wide variety of clients as part of our restaurant branding work. Some of those restaurants are sadly no longer with us, but we thought we’d created a blog to showcase our favourites.

  • The Buttery

The Buttery is an all-day dining restaurant based in Limerick, Ireland. We developed a logo which reflected the whimsical nature of the brand with a handwritten style font, and a colour palette which focused on dark green as well as wildflowers bringing a natural element to the brand.


  • Coop

The Coop Kitchen in Hampshire is all about a festival vibe, with a menu heavily influenced by food trucks and street food. Therefore, we designed a colourful logo using a carnival style font for “coop” and contrasting font for “kitchen” to create a distinctive look and feel which reinforces the brand story.

  • Nimbu

Nimbu means lemon In Hindi, so we used a yellow colour for the logo of this West London Indian Restaurant and Takeaway. The concept behind the brand was dishes made fresh to order – something of a rarity for Indian restaurants. This was a major selling point and is communicated in the slogan. We also included Nimbu written in Hindu which further promotes the brand associations.

  • Firebrand Pizza

As the name suggests, Firebrand Pizza’s menu focused on sourdough pizzas cooked in a wood fired oven. Therefore our design team created a logo which combined a pizza paddle with flames. The brand was positioned to be premium casual which is reflected in the navy blue and white colour palette used

  • Manga Banga

Manga Banga was an Izakaya styled restaurant serving Japanese small plates, located in Marylebone. The concept was about great food and drink in a fun environment. The name and the restaurant branding were based on Japanese Manga comics and anime. The logo used a bold font with Japanese writing and striking graphics – creating a restaurant logo which backed up those brand associations.

  • Double Dragon

Double Dragon, a pop-up restaurant in Clerkenwell was based on the 1980’s Japanese Video Game of the same name. All restaurant brand assets were therefore influenced by the branding on that game. The logo used a similar video game font with pixelated graphics. It was a project that the team particularly enjoyed working on.

  • Ferma

Opening in Autumn 2023, Ferma will be farm shop and bistro therefore we created a logo which used green as its core colour and graphics which included wheat.

  • Joyato

Another new restaurant branding we’ve worked on of late, launching in Autumn 2023. Joyato will be a Japanese restaurant focusing on sushi and the robata grill.