Using design to solve restaurant issues

Jun 5, 2023 | Restaurant Graphic Design


Great design solves problems, drives revenue and makes for a better-run business. Well-thought-out designs by our expert and experienced team is what we’re all about – combining distinctive, unique designs with a thorough understanding of the issues which restaurants face really put us in a unique position to help our clients and it’s why we’re the agency they turn to time and time again. Here are 3 examples where we’ve used designs to solve problems.

  • Double Dragon’s Placemat

Recruiting great front of house staff has never been more of a challenge. The combination of Brexit and the Pandemic has mean good, reliable staff are hard to find and retain. With a menu which included all sorts of ingredients unfamiliar to most British people, Double Dragon needed a design solution to help speed up service. The brand was based on the 1980’s video game of the same name, so we created a placemat which we called Cheap Codes. It listed all the more unusual ingredients on the menu with descriptions – this glossary helped reduce all the time answering questions on the ingredients as well as training staff. Furthermore it reinforced the brand associations in a fun and imaginative way.


  • Papa Dum’s Menu

With rising food, staff and just about every cost rising, Papa Dum’s looked to their spend per head as an area to be improved. Working with the owner, we made a number of creative decisions to help boost revenues. Firstly as cocktails were high margin and a key part of the overall restaurant experience, we decided to move them off the main menu in favour of a separate menu which would sit on the table permanently. This alone meant they sold a lot more cocktails. We then made the grill section more prominent and promoted more side dishes – all of which helped boost spend a lot more than the client expected.


  • Cotica Magazine

Firebrand Pizza Clerkenwell opened a deli next door during Covid, selling a wide selection of amazing Italian ingredients including dry goods, cheeses, cured meats, olive oil and balsamic vinegars. However most customers dropped by for a coffee and one of their delicious freshly made Paninis, ignoring most of the produce. To educate people on these great products as well as their history we created an Italian Food magazine. We wrote 3 well researched articles on Parma Ham, Parmesan and Balsamic vinegar – the history, process of how they are made and how to spot the best quality. We combined these articles with recipes which used a variety of ingredients sold at Cotica, as well as photos, menu and other information on Firebrand Pizza. The magazines were given out to customers and hand delivered to Islington homes.